Saturday, September 24, 2011

Infil Construction

Well folks, all of the hard work that IEEE and HKN members, as well as many others, has paid off!  The BC Infil (our beloved study cove) is getting a face lift! The construction, as you know, started last Friday and should be done by or before Fall break.

The renovation includes brand new carpet, chairs, sofas, white boards, electrical/ethernet boxes, and computers.  We are looking into adding some other great things (top secret at the moment), but those are on hold for the moment until the space is finished.

Everything that we planned is designed to keep the soul of the space alive.  As many of you know, the beauty of the BC Infil was that every piece of furniture could be moved around for study circles, club meetings, Department events, independent study, game nights.....whatever the students wanted. This idea is being held up with some extra new features!  There will now be "desks" on wheels that roll around to whatever configuration you want them to.  These also interlock to create large tables when you want them.

Thanks again to the people that put in the long hours of research, project proposals, and sat through meetings with various parts of the college and the university!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Welcome to IEEE!

To try to streamline how we reach folks and make it VERY easy to spread information, we are going to start using Blogger in replacement of our main website.  The easier it is to update, the less time it takes, and the more time we can spend planning awesome and exciting events for the students!  

We have a lot of great things planned, so please check back often or subscribe!