Thursday, September 26, 2013

The 4th Annual CSU IEEE Open Design Competition is here!

Hello Engineers!!!

The 4th Annual CSU IEEE Open Design Competition is here! Assemble your team, sign up, and get ready to have a blast!

What is the Open Design Competition?
The Open Design Competition is the most fun and rewarding project you can work on all year. Why? Because you can make anything you want! Either by yourself or with an all-star team of your friends and class mates, you'll start with a powerful and versatile hobby electronics kit, learn everything you need to know about micro-controllers, programming, and hobby electronics in our evening workshops, and then set out to dream up, design, and build the greatest project you can think of! It can be anything you want - a robot that plays guitar, a crazy light-up bike, a lawn mower that mows the lawn by itself, your own Daft Punk helmets, or anything else you can think of - the possibilities are endless!!

I'm so busy! Why should I add yet another thing to my schedule??
The Open Design Competition is more than just another thing on your to-do list - it's an opportunity to leave the classroom, skip the theoretical work, and get your hands dirty designing and building something that you are passionate about! And once it's done, in late March, you will get to show it off to your peers, your teachers, and members of industry at the final design competition! Last year we had engineers from a dozen different companies come to campus and judge projects and we gave out nearly $1000 dollars in prizes!! Once it's all said and done, you'll have a completely unique project on your resume, something that employers love to see and will gladly take a second look at when considering you for internships and jobs. An Open Design Competition Project can be a game changer for your career.

How can I learn more?
We'll be holding informational meetings next Monday (9/30) and Tuesday (10/1) nights at 7pm in Engineering E104 - you can get the whole scoop about the competition, talk to former participants, and get all of your burning questions answered!

I'm ready! Where do I sign up??!!
When you're ready, go here and sign up! Registration closes at midnight Wednesday, October 9th.

Visit for news as soon as it's available and let me know if you have any questions! Thanks to our sponsor Wolf Robotics for making this all possible!

The greatest competition of your college career is about to begin...what are you going to make?

Cameron Bloom
IEEE CSU Student Chapter President
Colorado State University

Monday, September 16, 2013

Avago Technologies Presentation Tuesday! Free Pizza!

Hey Engineers!

Avago Technologies is coming to CSU for a special presentation before the Career Fair this Tuesday, September 17th at 6PM in Clark A102! From wireless communications to automotive electronics, Avago is changing the technological world in many different industries. They will be speaking about some of the amazing new technology coming out of Avago, what it is like to work for Avago, and what they are looking for in students this fall Engineering Career Fair!

Come out and hear all about a great local company and enjoy some free pizza!

Hope to see you there!

Free PES Membership to IEEE Student Members

If you are and IEEE Student Member (officially through the national organization) and you are interested in Power and Energy, you can get a free membership in PES (Power and Energy Society) for their first year. Details can be found here: